About The Project

Nowadays, facing the unavoidable threats that the climate change represents and the risks involved, the subject for educating on how to conserve our biological resources it´s an obligated reference, from many years ago policies to create natural protected areas have been encouraged at an international level.

One of these areas is the El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, with an extension of 714,556 has. This region being characterized by its wonderful uncommon scenic beauty and enormous biodiversity hosts: 553 flora species, 46 mammalians species, 237 bird species, 45 reptile species and 4 amphibious species.

One of four fundamental elements of the Biosphere Reserve model it’s the research and promotion of its biological resources, reason why, in a combined effort with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) and the Tourism Promotion Commission for the State of Sonora (COFETUR), through El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, negotiated the construction of a space dedicated to the education of conservation, in addition to supporting the development of sustainable tourism in this natural protected area.

Having into consideration as one of the main factors the integration to the local ecosystem and the autonomy of economic resources, the project for the Visitors Center was conceptualized into an autonomous building: “an active system that would be inserted into an ecosystem”; as a consequence of which the concept establishes more in a way of in habitat than just an architectural design with a low energy consumption criteria.

The project it’s constituted by a main axle that favors orientation achieving by bioclimatic design strategies cross ventilation, taking advantage of the sun´s path will naturally illuminate the interior of the building. Concerning the constructive system we choose the one that would have less impact on site: a prefabricated steel structure and autoclaved aerated concrete blocks that allows a clean constructive procedure, these offer a high thermal resistance grade which is why they result a key factor in the design strategy of the building´s skin.

Another premise for the Visitors Center is the application of “green technologies”, incorporating a PV system as a primary energy source, as well as an absorption chiller, will offer a higher energetic performance coefficient than the traditional system.

In conclusion and given the evidence about global climatic changes, its necessary institutions, social organizations, but most important population in general propitiates the necessary changes in this new era of humanity, where natural resources are the most important assets.


2 responses to “About The Project

  1. Thank you for your post,
    How I do?, Well entorno urbano was project developer and was in charge of external supervision in the construction phase.

    Happy bloging

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